TCEC is now closed - Transcript info below

June 3, 2015


Dear TCEC students and families,


I’m writing to you today to share unfortunate news about the future of Tri-County Educational Center. More than three months ago we were informed by Southfield Public Schools (SPS) that the lease agreement between the Berkley School District (BSD) and SPS would not be renewed. Southfield wanted the space TCEC occupies for their programming and was not able to provide another location in Southfield.

When the District received news about TCEC being displaced, we began searching for a new location. We reached out to many neighboring school districts to see if buildings were available. After nearly three months of searching, we were unable to obtain a new building. Without a building, we are closing TCEC at the end of this school year.

We are now focused on creating a smooth transition for all our students to a new alternative program for next year. We have formed a partnership with Ferndale Public Schools, who will accept our TCEC students beginning in the Fall. To begin the enrollment process, please call Ferndale’s alternative program (now called TCEC) at 248-586-8900 or visit their website here. Enrollment in Ferndale’s program will be ongoing.

TCEC is a school community built on many relationships with students and staff. We are sad to see a program close that touched so many lives and successfully graduated so many students. We wish you all well in your future academic journey.





Dennis McDavid
Berkley School District



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