Berkley Education Foundation
14700 West Lincoln Boulevard
Oak Park, MI 48237
Phone:  248.837.8095
Fax:  248.544.5835
Attention ALUMNI: We are partnering with Harris Connect to develop a BHS Alumni Directory. You may receive calls and/or postcards to verify your information. This is an authorized Berkley Education Foundation and Berkley Schools initiative. The toll-free number  to call is 866-573-0124 to update your contact information. The return address on the postcard is: Publication Office for BERKLEY EDUCATION FOUNDATION, P.O. Box 3140, Chesapeake, VA 23327-3140. 

Berkley Education Foundation

The Berkley Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was formed in 2000 by the Berkley School District. 


Foundation Purpose

The purpose of the BEF is to help maintain and enhance educational opportunities and programs for Berkley students. All money raised goes towards maintaining existing programs and is guaranteed to go directly back into the classrooms. From academics to arts, music to math, social studies to science, every student will benefit.


Who Benefits from the Berkley Education Foundation?

Each and every student in the Berkley School District and the residents in our community served by the Berkley School District are the ultimate beneficiaries of the Berkley Education Foundation.



Please consider the Berkley Education Foundation when making your annual giving plans. Click on the letter and form below, and return to the BEF (14700 W. Lincoln, Oak Park, MI 48237) or donate online here.

Donate to the BEF - Honor Your Teacher

Thank a teacher! 

Say thank you to your favorite teacher with a donation to the Berkley Education Foundation.
If you choose to donate to the BEF on behalf of a teacher, your dollars will be used to fund the mini-grant budget. Teachers will receive notifications that donations have been made on their behalf. Click on the donate button below, and after indicating the amout of your donation, you'll be able to add who the donation is honoring after verifying your information.