The Berkley School District has a long-standing history of excellence and achievement. We pride ourselves on our record both among individual schools and as a district as a whole.

• Teachers: 285, over 59% earned a Master’s Degree or higher
• Total Staff: 642, 35% live in District
• All K-12 schools are accredited through the North Central Accreditation.
• High School Graduation rate: 98%
• Nearly 100% of BHS graduates are enrolled in colleges and universities.
• Adult/ESL/Alternative Ed through TCEC, housed in partnership with Southfield Public Schools.
• The District’s financials receive the highest grade annually by independent auditors.
• All Board of Education members are fully certified through the Michigan Association of School Boards.
• Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) Honor Board. 


Advanced Placement (AP):  With 21 AP and college-level courses, Berkley High School offers more AP
courses than any other traditional high school campus AND provides the highest math curriculum of any
high school in Oakland County.

Athletics: Physical education K-12.  With several state and local individual and championship team
performances, Berkley Schools middle and high school athletics program follows each child’s academic and
athletic performance, ensuring student athletes, not just athletic students.

Co-curricular Opportunities: Local, state, and national honors for students in marketing, communications,
literacy and poetry, robotics, video production, and more.


Fine & Performing Arts: Student artwork is awarded and shown at local, state and national art exhibitions. The Berkley School District was named a "Best Community for Music Education in 2012" for its commitment to music programming in our schools.  Berkley’s performing arts reach as far as internationally-acclaimed venues such as Carnegie Hall. Music instruction K-12, with instrumental music beginning in 5th grade, including three levels of high school band and choir performance - orchestra, marching band, and concert band as well as a cappella, bell tones, and concert choirs - with numerous state honors.

Foreign Language: Spanish instruction, French at the high school, and Japanese at CASA.

IB Programme: Norup International School is the ONLY K-8 International Baccalaureate Programme
housed on one campus in the country.  Recognized world-wide, the IB curriculum provides an international learning experience.