Central Enrollment Summer Hours:    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:00 am - 4:00 pm or by appointment

Contact the Central Enrollment Office by phone:   248-837-8026   or email: CentralEnrollment@berkleyschools.org


 Welcome to Berkley School District!

The following information is provided to help guide new families through the enrollment process. Please gather the documents you need and bring them with you when you come to enroll your child. The Enrollment Office is open during the summer Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:00 am - 4:00 pm by appointment for new student enrollment. Please call 248/837-8026 if you have any questions.

What to bring when you enroll

Final enrollment is complete when all the following documents have been provided:

  • A completed Enrollment Packet which can be found HERE
  • Original Birth Certificate with Seal or Valid Passport (demonstrating parentage of custodial parent)
  • Driver’s License (or State ID showing photo identification of parent/guardian name and current address)
  • Immunization Records (up to date) – For more information see the Immunization flyer.
  • Vision Screening (Kindergarten ONLY) - for more information see flyer on Vision Screenings
  • Transcript of final grades (students in grades 9-12) or Report card (students in grades 1-8)
  • Special Education Documents – Current IEP/MET (for students receiving special education services)
  • Residency Documentation and Verification – These documents are described below. If you move to another address, it is your responsibility to notify the Central Enrollment Office of your new address.

Click here for the Berkley School District Neighborhood Boundaries

Homeowners: Renters:

1. A current property tax statement in the name of the person seeking to enroll the student(s). To qualify as a homeowner, the property must be declared as a principal residence in accordance with state law and guidelines.


1. An original signed complete lease in the name of the person seeking to enroll the student(s). Students’ names also need to be on the lease. In the case of a month-to-month lease, monthly verification of the rental will be required.


2. Proof of home ownership: the deed to the property or current mortgage statement in the name of the person seeking to enroll the student(s) must be provided.


2. Landlord Statement Form. This form is available from the Central Enrollment Office at www.berkleyschools.org under the Enrollment tab.


3. Two original current utility bills within the last 30 days addressed to the person enrolling the student.


When enrolling a student in any Michigan school district, the State School Aid Act, related Michigan Compiled Laws and other federal and state requirements apply. Each district is responsible for verifying three things: parentage, a qualifying residence and residency in the qualifying residence.

Enrollment requirements effective January 6, 2015.