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WBSD can be seen regularly in Berkley and Huntington Woods on:
Channel 19 (Comcast)
Channel 15 (WOW)
Due to high operating fees, the Berkley School District (WBSD) does not broadcast on AT&T Uverse.


You may contact WBSD weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm at 248.837.8011.

Any questions or concerns regarding the cable channels and programming should be directed to
Jessica Stilger,
Communications Supervisor,

The Gwen Ahearn Production Studio
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When Gwen Ahearn retired from the Berkley School District, she left behind a legacy. Co-workers, students, and community members knew that Gwen was always there to support them, lend a helping hand, and keep them informed.


Gwen was the driving force behind the district’s video production program. She worked tirelessly to get the equipment and know-how the students needed. She supported the program in any way she could. She sparked interest and enthusiasm in the students and worked with them on projects to foster passion for the industry.


Gwen’s co-workers often talk about her quiet strength as a leader and a pioneer in the Berkley School District. They refer to her creativity, problem-solving skills, and her intimate connection with the community and her students.


Executive Producer: $5,000+
Producer: $1,000 - $4,999
Director: $500 - $999
Camera Operator: $150 - $499
Editor: $100 - $149
Production Assistant: $1 - $99




Q: How much of the raised dollars will go to support the program at the High School? 

A: Every penny raised will go toward the purchase of new equipment for the studio which is in desperate need of full replacement.


Q: Why should I contribute?

A: The Berkley School District is committed to giving each student up-to-date knowledge and skills for the modern workforce. With the film industry creeping into metro Detroit and the current economic situation, it is imperative that we train our students in the digital job market.


Q: My child is in first grade and the studio is at the high school – why should I support this program?

A: Our hope is that the program can “trickle down” to the lower grade levels. Most of the studio equipment still functions. We would like to give the current equipment to the other schools within the district and afford them the opportunity to begin or continue their own video programs.



Q: What if I would rather donate equipment?

A: Please contact to get a copy of our equipment “Wish List.”