Berkley High School Profile


Berkley High School  is nestled in a residential and small business community, located in Oakland County.
Our 4,800 district students come from Berkley, Huntington Woods and the north portion of Oak Park.



Berkley High School has been named to Newsweek’s The Daily Beast 2014 list of 735 Best High Schools in the nation -- ranked 6th in Michigan. This ranking highlights the schools that have proven to be the most effective in turning out college-ready graduates. BHS has been on the Newsweek 'Best High Schools' list since 2008. 


Lily Upp, class of 2015 valedictorian is attending the University of Michigan, as salutatorian,
Richard Cheung, will also be attending the University of Michigan. 


This class of 2015 was accepted at University of Colorado, Syracuse University, Keio University in Japan, Case Western Reserve to name a few out-of-state institutions.

Scholarships and Recognitions include Wayne State Presidential Scholarship, Horace Mann Fellow, Ohio State National Buckeye Scholarship, University of Michigan Literature, Science & the Arts Scholarship, full tuition to Northern Michigan, WXYZ Brightest & Best


In-state, college acceptance rates (of those who applied) were also excellent with 77% at UM, 88% at MSU, and 100% at Kalamazoo College.




Depth and Breadth of Curriculum:

A total of 262 students took 497 Advanced Placement tests in 2015.  Many upper classmen dual enroll at one of the many colleges/community colleges in our area.  In addition, approximately 30% of our Seniors attend classes at CASA (Center for the Advanced Studies and the Arts), and OSTC (Oakland Schools Technical Campus).



Scholarships & Awards:

The Class of 2015 was awarded over 3.15 million dollars in scholarships and financial aid.  There were also admission offers from College for Creative Studies, University of Buffalo, Sarah Lawrence College, Specs Howard, and Norwestern University, just to name a few.


In 2015, BHS had 100 AP Scholars, 20 Scholars with Honors, and 25 Scholars with Distinction.